Quick Answer: What is the sanctified church?

What does Sanctified Church mean?

Sanctification or in its verb form, sanctify, literally means “to set apart for special use or purpose”, that is, to make holy or sacred (compare Latin: sanctus). Therefore, sanctification refers to the state or process of being set apart, i.e. “made holy“, as a vessel, full of the Holy Spirit of God.

What does sanctified mean in religion?

1 : to set apart to a sacred purpose or to religious use : consecrate. 2 : to free from sin : purify. 3a : to impart or impute sacredness, inviolability, or respect to. b : to give moral or social sanction to.

What is sanctified life?

Introduction: Sanctification is a process, where the deepest part of a person’s body, soul and spirit is made spotless. Sanctification is not optional, 1 Thess. 4: 3. A deep intimate relationship with God is impossible without sanctification.

What are the 4 stages of sanctification?

Four Stages of Sanctification:

  • Sanctification Has a Definite Beginning at Regeneration. a. …
  • Sanctification Increases Throughout Life.
  • Sanctification is Completed at Death (for Our Souls) and When the Lord.
  • Sanctification is Never Completed in This Life.
  • Our Intellect.
  • Our Emotions.
  • Our Will.
  • Our Spirit.

How do I get sanctified life?

Disconnect from sin: To live a sanctified life, you must disconnect from sin. Sin will never go on its own. If you don’t rise up against it, it won’t go. You can wait from now till eternity for sin to go; but until you rise up against it, it won’t.

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Does sanctified mean saved?

As mentioned before, this sanctification does not mean that the unbelieving spouse (or their children) are automatically saved by virtue of marriage, but it does mean that God blesses that particular household in a very special way. … What a blessing it is, then, for unbelievers to be married to Christians!

How do you sanctify God’s name?

The first thing is tell Him how great He is, and how great His name is. In prayer, lift up that name in worship and pray that His name will become even greater in the world. Let His name be hallowed. Let His name be praised.

How do we sanctify the Lord in our hearts?

When we declare that He is holy, we settle that fact in our hearts without any doubt. Webster’s 1828 Dictionary illustrates this act of sanctifying the Lord by describing someone who praises and celebrates God’s holiness. The word for hearts is referring to our thoughts and feelings (Strong’s Concordance, Greek #2588).

How are we sanctified by the Holy Spirit?

He used the phrase “sanctified by the Holy Spirit” in Roman 15:16, and in Romans 8:13 he said it is “by the Spirit” that we are able to “put to death the deeds of the body.” 2. Sanctification involves our cooperation. … Whereas justification is entirely God’s work, sanctification involves our cooperation with God.

Does sanctification hurt?

The unfortunate part of sanctification is that is can be very slooooow. It can be a result of tough lessons learned or of things I shouldn’t have done or said. Sanctification can be painful, man. Our marriages have placed us in situations where sin can be very prolific.

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Why is sanctification important?

The purpose of God for our lives is for us to be sanctified—to become more like the image of His perfect Son, Jesus Christ. This is not done through our determination, resolve, will power, or strength, but by the Holy Spirit as we yield our lives to His control and are filled with Him.