What was Martin Luther’s interpretation of the Bible?

What is Martin Luther’s key phrase regarding the Bible?

It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in man.

How did the Antinomian Controversy begin?

The Antinomian Controversy began with some meetings of the Massachusetts colony’s ministers in October 1636 and lasted for 17 months, ending with the church trial of Anne Hutchinson in March 1638. However, there were signs of its emergence well before 1636, and its effects lasted for more than a century afterward.

What does Nomianism mean?

adjective. rare. That upholds religious law; that considers the first five books of the Old Testament to have prophetic authority.

What was the antinomian movement?

Antinomianism, (Greek anti, “against”; nomos, “law”), doctrine according to which Christians are freed by grace from the necessity of obeying the Mosaic Law. The antinomians rejected the very notion of obedience as legalistic; to them the good life flowed from the inner working of the Holy Spirit.

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