What does Miss Maudie say is the difference between a Baptist and a foot washing Baptist?

What does Miss Maudie say is the difference between the kind of Baptist she is and the kind of Baptist Mr Radley is?

Maudie explains that she is “just” a Baptist—her “shell” isn’t as hard as that of foot-washing Baptists. It’s clear that Maudie is making a distinction between the two denominations; a foot-washing Baptist, or a primitive Baptist, is defined in Maudie’s eyes as someone who believes all forms of pleasure are sinful.

What is the difference between a Baptist and a foot washing Baptist?

A “foot-washing Baptist” is a way of saying a very strict Baptist. Foot-washing Baptists and Baptists are both Christian denominations and really, they’re both Baptists. But the foot-washing Baptists are so strict that they believe everything pleasurable is a sin.

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When Miss Maudie expresses her views on foot washing Baptists is she categorizing all Baptists or a particular point of view?

Maudie then tells Scout that she is just a regular Baptist and elaborates on the beliefs of the foot washing Baptists by saying, “Foot-washers believe anything that’s pleasure is a sin” (Lee, 27). Maudie is not critical of all Baptists, but does not agree with the foot washing Baptists’ way of life.

What does Miss Maudie mean when she shows her disgust with foot washing Baptists?

When Miss Maudie shows her disgust with “foot-washing Baptists” she is criticizing Baptist who take the words of the Bible Literally. They believe that anything that gives “pleasure is a sin.”

Why do foot-washing Baptists not like Miss Maudie?

She uses “foot-washing Baptist” in a pejorative sense, as a way of drawing attention to the super-strict religious practices of a particular denomination. Miss Maudie presents these Baptists in a negative light, as grim Puritans who frown on any kind of pleasure, which they regard as a sin.

Why does Aunt Alexandra criticize Atticus?

Aunt Alexandra is upset with her brother, Atticus, for the way he is raising his children, especially Scout. She thinks that the children need a woman’s touch since their mother died when the children were so young. In Aunt Alexandra’s view, Atticus should have taught the children what it meant to be a Finch.

What do foot washing Baptists believe?

“Foot-washing Baptists” is a term for Baptists who take the Bible literally. According to Miss Maudie, they believe “anything that’s pleasure is a sin.” They also believe that “women are a sin by definition.”

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What religion requires you to wash your feet?

One of the pillars of Islam is that Muslims pray five times a day. Before those prayers, they are expected to perform a purification ritual called Wudu, requiring that they wash their faces, hands, arms, and feet.

Why does scout like Maudie?

Scout loves Miss Maudie for many reasons: for her kindness, her honesty, and her patient understanding of Scout, Jem, and Dill, as well. Scout feels the respect with which Miss Maudie treats them, even though they are “just children.” Besides loving her, Scout develops a deep admiration for Maudie, especially…

Why does Mr Radley shoot at Jem Dill and Scout?

He fires his shotgun into the air to scare off the trespasser which is good news for Jem who, at that moment, is fleeing to escape the Radley property. The shotgun blast brings out the neighbors who want to discover what’s going on at the Radley place.

What does Miss Maudie say about Atticus?

Your father’s one of them.” (Miss Maudie) Page 288 Miss Maudie is saying that Atticus does the jobs, like defending Tom Robinson, that other people don’t want to do. He is selfless. “Jem, see if you can stand in Mr. Ewell’s shoes for a minute.

What is significant about the Baptists condemning Miss Maudie and her flowers?

A group of such Baptists even told Miss Maudie that she and her “flowers were going to hell”. This helps to create sympathy for Boo Radley, who has clearly endured an extremely strict upbrining.

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What is the lesson that Miss Maudie is trying to teach scout about the Radleys foot-washing Baptists and Atticus’s character?

As Miss Maudie tells Scout about foot-washing Baptists, she says that one day one of them told her she was going to hell because she was spending “too much time in God’s outdoors and not enough time inside the house reading the Bible.” This causes Scout’s confidence in pulpit Gospel to plummet.

How would the fact that Mr Radley was a foot-washing Baptist affect boo?

Radley, who was a “foot-washing Baptist,” believed that any type of pleasure was a sin. Mr. Radley kept Boo secluded inside the house as an extreme form of punishment for his youthful pranks. The “foot-washing Baptists” are so extreme in their beliefs that they view gardening as a sin.